Wood Shield Color Based by KRAFT Paints, the innovative product for wood surfaces in 12 new shades

Press releases  •  16 February 2023

KRAFT Paints introduces Wood Shield Color Based, a new specialized product for wood surfaces, constantly expanding its product portfolio with innovative solutions for consumers.

Wood Shield Color Based complements the already successful Wood Shield series, as the innovative bio-based wood varnish, offering new proposals and color choices.

Wood Shield Color Based is a semi-transparent base that’s available in 12 shades, which give the desired color without covering the natural wood grain. 

It is an impregnating varnish suitable for both interior and exterior wooden surfaces, and offers up to 7 years of protection, as it is waterproof and has high resistance to UV radiation. It has a very mild odor, is easily applied, and does not drip, providing great flexibility and ease of use.

Its elasticity allows it to follow the wood's expansion and contraction, without cracking or peeling. At the same time, thanks to the biocides it contains, it effectively prevents the growth of mold and fungi on its film. It’s suitable for doors, windows, pergolas, fences, benches, children's furniture, and toys.

Following the latest trends and consumer needs, Wood Shield Color Based is an ideal choice for any DIY project, thanks to its easy application.

Modified with nanotechnology and 43% bio-based ingredients, Wood Shield Color Based is yet another product that demonstrates KRAFT Paints' commitment to products with innovative and sustainable features that respect the environment and people.