KRAFT Paints & BIOCLIMA organized technical seminars in Paros and Naxos!

Seminars / Webinars  •  09 November 2023

KRAFT Paints & BIOCLIMA®, consistently supporting the professionals of the trade, implemented on 6/11, in collaboration with “Syrianos” merchant in Paros, as well as in 8/11 with “Pantelias Aristidis” in Naxos, two seminars addressed to local professionals and the development of the construction sector in the Cyclades.

A total of 97 professionals specialized in thermal insulation and paint coatings, attended these seminars. Attendees had the chance of gaining input on KRAFT Paints’ new technical solutions; innovative product categories such as renovating mortars for concrete and finishing render surfaces; and the BIOCLIMA® Advanced Building Energy Systems, fully harmonized with all current European and National Regulations, concerning thermal insulation and fire protection of building structures.

Furthermore, attendees had the opportunity to observe the application of systems; receive input on the series of KRAFT Paints mortar products; and how they support the building requirements of new building permits that have shown rapid growth in the last five years. Paros alone reached 1.101 building permits in just five years, that correspond to 281.094 sq.m., according to the National bureau of Statistics. Hence, solutions and products used need to respect the environment and preserve the housing tradition of the Cyclades.

Seminars were implemented by Messrs. Anastasios Basiaris, coatings technical support, and Constantinos Yavroutas, Chemical Engineer. The instructors provided useful information and responded to queries posed by the local associates, leveraging their expertise and specialized knowledge. There has been rich interaction with participants; the latter expressed their questions and observations, whereas the sales department, represented by Mr. Chrysanthakopoulos Constantinos and Mr. Gerasimos Zouganelis, assisted attendees with commercial issues raised.

Building fire protection and the contribution of exterior thermal insulation systems, as well as highlighting the technical details of application of the External Thermal Insulation Systems, were at the center of the interest of attendees.

The seminars conducted all over Greece, keep developing the company’s training character. Their aim is to support our associates and to allow the advancement of the sector’s employees. The latter become enabled to implement projects with the Greek settings in mind, rich in micorclimates and architectural tradition.