Polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, cement-based, leveling and repairing mortar

Arterra Patiti Level Base is a polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, cement-based, leveling and repairing
mortar. It offers characteristic workability, high flexibility & surface hardness. Its new technology composition is double reinforced with polypropylene & carbon fibers and also contains natural hydraulic recycled binders (Recycled Green Technology). It is classified as leveling mortar CT-C25-F8 according to EN 13813 and as concrete repairing mortar PCC R2 according to EN 1504-3 & EN 1504-9:2008.


  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Natural recycled raw materials (Recycled Green Technology)
  • Excellent workability
  • High surface mechanical strength
  • Zero shrinkage & dehydration cracks
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • Non-corrosive (free of chlorine ions and lime)
  • Fine-grained finish
  • Indoor and outdoor usage



Technical Info

Technical Information

6 - 6,5 lt/25kg
1,5 kg/m2/mm
4 hours

Application - Tools


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General Information

Arterra Patiti Level Base is part of decorative system of microcement-style finish, as leveling and surface reinforcing material for substrates such as: cement mortars, concrete, renders, dry construction systems, existing decorative overlays (e.g. tiles, mosaics, marbles, microcement-style systems etc.). Suitable for non-structural repairs of concrete and renders. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

How to Use

To ensure good adhesion substrate should be sound, clean, rough, free of dust, oil, lime, tar and loose elements.

On absorbent substrates light soaking with water before use. On substrates with very high absorbency (eg dry walls, aerated concrete, old plasters/renders, etc.) it is recommended to apply Arterra Patiti Nano-Hybrid Primer by KRAFT PAINTS. Caution! The primer must properly be diluted in order to be completely absorbed and avoid film formation on the substrate surface.

On non-absorbent substrates (e.g. tiles, mosaic etc.) prime using acrylic granulated primer Arterra Patiti Quartz Primer by KRAFT Paints.

The application of Arterra Patiti Level Base to the substrate is carried out using a metal spatula while simultaneously embedding an anti-alkali glass mesh, Clima Net 160, in a thickness of 2-10mm/layer. Make sure that the glass mesh is placed approximately in the upper 1/3 of the thickness of the material and that its strips overlap each other by 10cm. After application, it is recommended to sand the surface using suitable sandpaper, so that the surface is as flat as possible, since this serves the final aesthetic result of the technique. Subsequent coating layers of other materials follow after the surface has dried thoroughly, typically between 2-7 days, depending on thickness and application conditions (approx. 1 day/mm thickness). For more information, please refer to the Arterra Patiti Application Guide.

Tools should be cleaned immediately after application with plenty of water while the material is still fresh or otherwise mechanically. Remove as much material as possible from tools before cleaning.

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