Powderfine Multi

Multi-purpose (3in1), repairing putty, in powder form

Powderfine Multi is suitable for repairing coatings, renders, missing endings on corners, holes, wide cracks on walls and ceilings. It is also suitable for putting and smoothing surfaces on walls and ceilings and due to its high thixotropy allows application in thicknesses of 2-20mm (locally 40mm). In this way, it is an ideal smoothing technical solution in cases where greater thicknesses are required, achieving reduction of multiple successive layers of different materials. When mixed with water, a creamy paste is created which spreads with great ease, evenly, without being dehydrated, giving a smooth and extremely durable surface result formation.

It can be sanded in a short time (after 4 hours - for small widths, after 24 hours - for larger widths). It is highly resistant to moisture, frost and temperature changes. It can be primed and painted, directly. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. In cases where an ultra-fine grained final aesthetic result is required, it is recommended to apply an additional final layer of ultra-fine grained putty in powder form, Powderfine Professional or Exterior, for indoor or exterior outdoor applications respectively.


  • Unique innovative combination of repairing - filling - smoothing.
  • Can be sanded
  • Fine-grained finish, equal to common troweling putties
  • Thixotropic
  • Non-shrinking
  • Non-corrosive (free of chlorine ions and lime)
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate
  • Easy of application
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • Can be primed and painted, directly
  • Indoor and outdoor usage



EN 998-1
EN 998-1
ΕΝ 1504-3
ΕΝ 1504-3

Technical Info

Technical Information

8.5 - 9lt water/25kg, 1,7 - 1,8 lt water/5Kg
1,2 kg/m2/mm

Application - Tools

Airless Spray Gun

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General Information

Powderfine Multi is a multi-purpose (3in1), white, repairing putty, in powder form. Its advanced composition includes cement, modified resins, state-of-the-art additives, as well as active inorganic binders which give the product the unique innovative combination of 3 capabilities: repairing - filling - smoothing, with simultaneous highest protection against shrinkage cracking formation, excellent workability, great adhesion and sanding properties. Its specially designed particle size curve offers a final aesthetic finishing texture, equal to common troweling putties, achieving an instantly smooth surface, without imperfections and cracks.

How to Use

To ensure good adhesion substrate should be sound, clean, free of dust, oil, lime, tar and loose elements.

  • Light soaking with water before use.
  • On substrates with high absorbency (eg brick, aerated concrete, old plasters, etc.) it is recommended to apply Eco Dur Aqua by KRAFT PAINTS diluted 1:1 to 1:2 with water. Caution! The primer must properly be diluted in order to be completely absorbed and avoid film formation to the substrate surface.
  • Powderfine Multi can be applied in a thickness of 2-20mm per layer (locally up to 40mm), using a flat metal spatula or trowel and ensuring full coverage of the application substrate.
  • Any subsequent layer can be applied, by the "fresh on fresh" method, in 2-8 hours (depending on environmental conditions) after the previous layer.
  • Alternatively, any subsequent layer can be applied when the previous one has sufficiently dried, in 4-24 hours (depending on environmental conditions), after light soaking with water.
  • Once Powderfine Multi is sufficiently dry (after 4 hours - for small widths, after 24 hours - for larger widths, depending on environmental conditions), finishing of the final surface is achieved by using sandpaper.
  • Then, the surface can be primed and painted or coated with decorative wallpaper.
  • On “demanding” surfaces and as well as on surfaces with special problems of cracking or moisture, it is necessary to add KRAFT PAINTS mortar reinforcement resin in a ratio of 1:2 - 1:3 to the mixing water, depending on each application.
  • Tools should be cleaned immediately after application with plenty of water while the material is still fresh or otherwise mechanically. Remove as much material as possible from tools before cleaning
  • Stored on wooden palettes and in a dry environment with temperature above 5ºC for 12 months from the production date

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