Powderfine Exterior

Fine grain cement mortar for spackling exterior surfaces

Mortar suitable for plaster or concrete, with strong adhesion and easy application. No priming needed before the application. It is superior to conventional oil-based putties.


  • High resistance to humidity and frost
  • Great coverage
  • Doesn’t shrink
  • Creates a smooth and very durable surface
  • Easy sanding and quick drying



EN 998-1
EN 998-1

Technical Info

Technical Information

10 - 11 lt water/25kg
1 kg/m2/mm
8-12 hours

Application - Tools

Airless Spray Gun

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General Information

Powderfine Exterior is a white fine grain cement mortar for spackling. It is modified with selected resins and additives providing great adhesion and easy application with a smooth metallic putty knife, instantly creating a smooth surface. It is classified as GP CS-III W0 type mortar according to EN998-1.

Powderfine Professional is suitable for smoothing plaster or concrete surfaces of less than 3mm width of the rough parts. It creates a smooth and very durable surface. No priming needed before the application. It is superior to conventional oil-based putties which need long time to dry and show signs of oil migration /secretion over time - even after years. It is very resistant to humidity, frost and changes of temperature and it is easy to mix and apply. It is easy to sand and dries quickly. It can replace stuccos. It ensures quicker completion of the work and lower painting cost.

How to Use

  • To ensure good adhesion, the surface must be clean, solid, dry and free of all dirt, such as oils, grease, paints, materials of surface maturation, etc.
  • Use a suitable KRAFT repairing material for filling holes, cracks and other damaged parts.
  • In case of porous substrates saturate with water or prime with KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA or KRAFT POWDER BOND. On non-porous surfaces prime the substrate with KRAFT BONDING PRIMER.
  • The product can be applied with a putty knife, a trowel or a rendering machine depending on the kind of work. In case the required coat thickness exceeds 3mm, apply a second coat no earlier than 6 hours (proper setting of the first coat) and within the next 24 hours.
  • For application on surfaces with severe cracks or damp, the addition of at least 1L of the special polymeric additive KRAFT POWDER BOND is required.
  • Clean the tools immediately with warm water and soap or detergent. Once the material has fully set, it can be mechanically removed.

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