Home Gym: How to create one in your home?


Take advantage of your personal space and shape your own oasis.

The pandemic may have changed everything we took for granted, even the simplest daily habits like exercise. However, scientific research confirms that physically active people show fewer symptoms of mental disorders such as depression and stress, so maintaining our mental health is a priority. This is why we studied all the ways to create a gym in our home. This way are take care of ourselves, in our own private space and time. After all, the right environment is often enough motivation to help us get up from the sofa. 

Every home is different and every person has his own unique needs. We have gathered ideas that can resonate with almost everyone, whether you have a large space that you can easily turn into a gym, or just a small corner of the house.

The ideal atmosphere

If you love yoga and pilates then the key is to create a zen environment at home so that you can exercise in peace. Light colors such as KR 1050 Secret White or KR 1101 Oneiro will help you create your sanctuary, as well as touches of green KR 1484 Contour Green F. Find a spot in the house that will become your personal relaxation corner. Paint one wall a bright color and place decorative rattan details such as wicker baskets and small pots with indoor plants. This harmonious combination enhances relaxation of body and spirit, this is the first step. You'll just need a yoga mat and theraband bands for a complete training program without leaving the comfort of your home.

Expert tip: The quality of indoor air also contributes to our mood, to live better and breathe properly. Choose Indoor Air Comfort-certified paints, such as the Master TM paint series, which contribute to better indoor air quality due to its low VOC composition. 

Something is hiding in the… basement.

If you're a lucky one with a basement, it's much easier to transform it into a home gym without worrying about altering your home's decoration. Basements can be easily transformed into an industrial space, making your personal gym feel almost like a private gym club. You might have associated basements with humidity and darkness, but with these ideas, it can become a truly refreshing space. Humidity can naturally be controlled with the use of our product Master Hydrocontrol, an interior wall paint that resists mold growth thus it is ideal for home interiors of high humidity, poor ventilation and/or lack of natural light. Initially, you can paint the walls in shades of gray to give an industrial touch. An ideal color choice is CG538 Olybos / F from Kraft Paints' Colors of Greece Collection. You can also add large mirrors to monitor yourself during workouts. In this space, you can set up a treadmill, a bike, or an elliptical machine. Additionally, weight benches, pilates balls, TRX straps can be added. To add some color, include colorful storage boxes, where you can store dumbbells or resistance bands. You can decorate the walls or the floor with a board with small motivational quotes, that will give you the strength for even more repetitions.

Small Corners

If your house has an attic then you already have the perfect spot! Alternatively, choose a corner of the house, remove unnecessary furniture, and equip it with the essentials. You'll need a mat or for yoga exercises, weights for core strength, and an outdoor bike that you'll place on a stand. With this layout you can use the corner to station a bike before taking it for a ride. For a more zen vibe, paint one wall in an uplifting color like CG445 Tulipa Purple. Don’t forget to add small pots that filter indoor air, such as sansiveria. This corner of the house can become your favorite not only for exercise but also for reading.

Embrace the Ligh

Natural daylight often has the power to boost our mood, even when everything around us seems to be falling apart. If you don't have a large space to transform into a gym, simply lay out your mattress next to a window. Place straw baskets in the room to store your gym equipment, like dumbbells. 

Expert Tip: A bold color on the ceiling, such as KR 1290 Grapefruit from Kraft Paints' Inspired Collection, can completely transform the space and will undoubtedly be very motivating during gym time.


No Parking

The garage space can be converted into a fully equipped gym for weights or even boxing. Remove all the unnecessary items and set it up with weights, large mirrors, weight benches, and machines, even a punching bag. It will look like a real studio, and you certainly won't miss going to the gym. If the garage is outdoors, paint it with a durable acrylic paint, such as 4 Seasons, a high-quality, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant 100% acrylic paint. If the garage space is indoor and in the basement, we recommend using our high-quality emulsion paint with double anti-mold action, Master Hydrocontrol.


No Light, No Problem!

A home gym with a view is always the ideal solution for those who enjoy exercising at home. However, if your home lacks natural light or if you choose to create a home gym in an interior room, there are ways to make it appear brighter. First, you should paint the walls in a dazzling white color, such as KR 1013/ F Kefalonia Sands from our Inspired Collection. Install LED lights on the ceiling and a large mirror that will create the feeling of a larger and brighter space. To protect wooden floors from damage, we recommend using a carpet. 

 Home Spa

Maybe exercising isn't your favorite pastime, but you certainly wouldn't say no to a relaxing treatment at home. You can turn your garage or basement into a spa by installing a sauna which is ideal for detoxification, of course with the help of a qualified engineer. For a thoroughly modern effect, combine two materials such as cement with wood.


We may end up liking staying at home a lot more than we think. The secret is simply to shape the space to suit your needs and pick the right product to support it. In humid spaces we recommend painting the walls with Master Hydrocontrol.