The Biggest Color Trends for Every Vacation Home

Kraft Paints Οι μεγαλύτερες τάσεις στο χρώμα για κάθε εξοχικό

No matter where it is located, however big or small, our vacation home is the one that will primarily host us in the summer. It is also the one that needs the most refreshing – compared to our permanent residence – due to its greater exposure to weather conditions. KRAFT Paints proposes the following important color trends for the interior and exterior surfaces of our small retreat, depending on whether it is located in a coastal or mountainous area. 

Kraft Paints Οι μεγαλύτερες τάσεις στο χρώμα για κάθε εξοχικό


House by the Sea 

Cool tones remain firmly at the top of the color choices for walls and/or wooden details. Colors from the Inspired Collection, such as the calm gray-blue KR2471/F Gray Saturday, the typical blue of the Cyclades KR1712 Greek Island, the more subtle gray-beige KR2645/F Ochi, and the sweet coral pink KR1289 Coral Burst – whether on their own or in combination – will create a premium Mediterranean style that you are unlikely to part with in the coming years. 


House in the Mountains 

Whether it's grandma's small house in a mountain village in Epirus or a modern chalet in Arachova,  freshening it up gives us more color freedom. Don't be afraid of either dark or warm colors and preferably be inspired by combinations of the external natural landscape. Think of different shades of brown (KR2586/F Oak Tone or KR2584/F Paddington Grey), greens (KR2145/F Western Meadow), and orange accents (KR1927/F Canyon Wall). 


We are now interested in every aspect of the interior atmosphere, while we try to make the healthiest and most environmentally friendly choices possible. Master Eco is KRAFT Paints' highest-quality, certified eco-friendly paint with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds, contributing to a healthy indoor atmosphere. In addition, it is highly resistant to washing and gives a uniform matte finish in thousands of shades. 

Kraft paints Master Eco


Kraft Paints Οι μεγαλύτερες τάσεις στο χρώμα για κάθε εξοχικό

House by the Sea       

The two-tone color scheme that dominates Aegean architecture, serving as a global emblem of our country, has a relatively limited tonal range. The Colors of Greece Collection features the ultimate white CG477/F White Santorini and the ultimate blue CG689/F Simea, so that the exterior of your home can either blend in perfectly within a traditional island settlement or add authentic character to any coastal area. 

House in the Mountains 

Exterior painting remains one of the most affordable, easy, and effective ways to refresh the appearance of your vacation home, while also protecting it. Four wonderful shades from the Reflective Collection (specifically designed for exterior surfaces) are this year's palette guide for a very modern change that visually fits right into any mountain landscape: dark green RC201 Forest Moss, rock gray RC152 Bedrock Grey, soft brown RC280 Velvet Mushroom, and bold brown-red RC264 Hint Of Pomegranate



4 Seasons Waterproof is a high-quality silicone acrylic paint, specially designed for coastal areas, with exceptional resistance to solar radiation and weather conditions. It waterproofs the surface and protects it from blistering, mold, etc. White has a high solar reflective index (SRI), significantly reducing surface temperatures in summer and ensuring energy savings. 

4 Seasons Elastic is a high-quality elastomeric waterproofing acrylic paint, specially designed for mountainous areas or regions with extreme weather conditions and large temperature variations, with excellent resistance to solar radiation and weathering. It perfectly covers all existing small cracks and hairlines, preventing their recurrence, while providing insulation and protection from rain and external moisture. 

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