Bonding Primer

Plasters bonding quartz primer

Acrylic primer suitable for in-situ concrete, tiles, plastics and metals. Ideal for coating painted and ultra-smooth surfaces.


  • High resistance to alkalis
  • Enhances the adhesion
  • Ready to use
  • Exterior or interior use

Shades:White,Brick Red


Technical Info

Technical Information

Ready to use
4 - 6 m²/kg
1-2 hours

Application - Tools


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General Information

Acrylic adhesive primer with quartz sand, which creates a rough surface and enhances the adhesion of mortars or organic renders. It is suitable for exterior or interior smooth or of low absorbance surfaces, such as in-situ concrete, tiles, plastics and metals. It features high resistance to alkalis. It is ready to use. It creates the ideal adhesion conditions for coating painted and ultra-smooth surfaces, for applying plaster on in-situ concrete, for priming wide cracks or broken concrete (corners, etc.) before plaster application, and for adhering thermal insulation panels on non-construction surfaces (PVC, metals).

How to Use

To ensure good adhesion, the surface must be dry, solid, and free of dust, grease, salts, rust, residues, blistered paint, etc. Avoid dust generation and exposure to it.

  • Prior to application, remove all moss, fungi and algae by mechanical abrasion, wash with soapy water and allow the surface to dry.
  • To ensure adequate protection from mold, use KRAFT MOLD BLOCKER anti-mold preservative solution.
  • On metal surfaces, degreasing with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT is recommended.
  • Use KRAFT PUTTY to fill gaps, cracks and other damaged surfaces.
  • Prior to plaster application on a smooth surface, it is advisable to apply two coats of KRAFT BONDING PRIMER in a way that the textured result will be preserved
  • Stir well before and during application.
  • Clean the tools immediately with warm water and soap.
  • Close the canister well to preserve it in good condition for future use.

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