Teak & Deck Oil

Special impregnation oil for hard woods

Ideal for preserving and refreshing hard and exotic woods such as teak, iroko, bangkirai, oak, mahogany, and bare woods.


  • PU modified
  • With wax
  • Waterproofs the surface
  • High technology UV filters
  • Nourishes the wood



Technical Info

Technical Information

Ready to use
12 - 16 m²/L
2-3 hours

Application - Tools


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General Information

Special polyurethane modified blend of natural oils, enriched with wax and UV filters. Ideal for preserving and refreshing hard and exotic woods such as teak, iroko, bangkirai, oak, mahogany (such as niangon and meranti) and bare woods. Ideal for outdoor furniture, pergolas, fences and wooden boat decks. It fills the wood pores in depth, prevents the penetration of water and it features great resistance to severe weather conditions. When used on a regular basis, it nourishes the wood making it more durable against climate changes and fading.

How to Use

To ensure good adhesion, the surface must be dry and free of dust, residues, resins or grease.

  • Remove all residues of old varnishes. In case the surface has been previously painted with wood-stain or impregnation varnish, first it must be cleaned with stripper KRAFT REMOVER.
  • The surfaces should be sanded with a proper sandpaper (preferably No120) to a dull finish. Wet sanding is advisable wherever possible to avoid dust generation or exposure to it.
  • In case extra protection is needed against wormwood or fungi, first apply one coat of preservative KRAFT WOOD CARE.
  • Stir well before application. Apply 1 coat of KRAFT TEACK & DECK OIL.
  • Clean the tools immediately with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT.
  • Close the canister well and turn it upside down so as the product to cover the interior walls for an airtight sealing, to preserve it in good condition for future use.

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