Wood Shield™

Water-based polyurethane wood stain varnish

Suitable for exterior and interior wooden surfaces such as doors, windows, frames, pergolas, fences, etc. Resistant to mold.


  • High UV protection
  • Quick drying
  • Easy application, no dripping
  • Protects and waterproofs wood
  • Penetrates deeply

Shades:Transparent, Colors: Pine 102, Oregon 104, Chestnut 106, Oak 108, Walnut 110, Mahogany 112, Cherry 114, Tik 116, Dark Walnut 118, Wegge 120, White 122


Technical Info

Technical Information

Ready to use
11 - 13 m²/L
½-1 hour

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General Information

Water-based polyurethane acrylic impregnation varnish. It protects, waterproofs and decorates wood. Suitable for exterior and interior wooden surfaces such as doors, windows, frames, pergolas, fences, linings. It contains UV filters to protect against sunlight and special additives that enhance its waterproofing effectiveness to protect against the rain, moisture and pollutants. In addition, it contains biocides to help prevent the growth of mold and fungi on its film. It has a very mild odor, it penetrates deeply and applied easily on vertical surfaces or on beams as it does not drip. Its elasticity helps to follow the contractions-expansions of the wood, preventing cracking or flaking.

How to Use

To ensure good adhesion, the surface must be dry, solid, and free of dust, residues, blistered paint, etc.

  • On new surfaces: Before applying the impregnation varnish, remove grease and resins using KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT, sand along the grain and remove dust with a wet lint-free cloth. Cure existing knots and apply 1 coat of KRAFT WOOD CARE or KRAFT WOOD CARE AQUA for protection against woodworm and fungi.
  • On painted surfaces: Before applying the impregnation varnish, remove all residues of old paints or varnishes using KRAFT REMOVER, clean the surface with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT or sand well with a proper sandpaper. After the surface is completely dry and all residues have been removed, repair all damaged parts of the wood with a proper putty.
  • The product is ready to use. Can be diluted optionally up to 5% with water.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of KRAFT WOOD SHIELD for an ideal result.
  • Clean the tools immediately with warm water and soap.
  • Close the canister well to preserve it in good condition for future use. Store before or after opening in a cool place, avoiding sunlight or frost conditions.

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