Wood Shield™ Color Based

Biobased wood stain polyurethane varnish

Suitable for exterior and interior wooden surfaces such as doors, windows, frames, pergolas, fences, etc. It is tinted in the KRAFT INSPIRED COLOR system in selected translucent bright shades that highlight the wood-grains.


  • High protection against UV radiation
  • Waterproofing
  • Easy applied
  • Resistant to mold
  • Suitable for toys and kids’ furniture

Shades:Available in transparent base tinted in 12 translucent bright shades


EN 71-3
EN 71-3

Technical Info

Technical Information

Ready to use
14 - 16 m²/L
1-2 hours

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General Information

Alkyd polyurethane waterborne wood stain varnish, with 43% Biobased ingredients according to EN16640:2017 accredited by independent certification body, modified with nanotechnology. Protects, waterproofs, decorates the wood. It is tinted in the KRAFT INSPIRED COLOR system in selected translucent bright shades that highlight the wood-grains. Suitable for external and internal wooden surfaces, such as doors, windows, frames, pergolas, fences, linings, benches, etc. It is also suitable for children’s furniture and toys since it complies with the ΕΝ71-3 standard. The built-in filters against ultraviolet radiation and the special additives it contains, strengthen its waterrepellency, and its weather, humid and pollution resistance. At the same time, due to the biocides it contains, it effectively prevents the growth of mold and fungi on its film.

How to Use

The surface must be dry and free of dust, mold or resin. Sand with a suitable abrasive paper, along with the grain, and smooth well the surface.

  • On new wooden surfaces: Remove greases or resins with KRAFT BRUSH THINNER, sanding parallel to the grain, removing the dust with a damp, lint-free cloth, apply 1 coat of KRAFT WOOD CARE AQUA wood preservative KRAFT for protection against woodworm and fungi.
  • On painted surfaces: Remove all old paint or varnish using KRAFT REMOVER and then clean the surface with KRAFT BRUSH THINNER or sand well until their removal with the appropriate sandpaper. After complete drying of the surface and removing all residues, repair all the defective points of the wood with suitable putty.
  • The product is ready to use.
  • Apply 2 – 3 coats of KRAFT WOOD SHIELD COLOR BASED for the best result.
  • Close the bucket well to maintain in good condition for future use. Store before and after opening in a cool place and away from sunlight or frost conditions.
  • Clean the tools thoroughly with water and soap.

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